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Tracee Vetting Wolf
Rochester | United States


Tracee Vetting Wolf Mayo Clinic, Service Design III

I have over 20 years of professional design experience (research, UX, architecture, graphic design, service design). Most of my professional work is with IBM (research and product delivery) and Mayo Clinic. 

I currently work in Mayo Clinic International. I tend to work on three main target areas: 

1) helping international patients seek and receive care in one of our three U.S. sites, 

2) helping our international Care Network members receive useful healthcare products/services/experiences that help their staff and patients, and 

3) helping our global consulting team set up collaborative and repeatable customer-centric practices with their clients (at the moment focusing on Greenfield projects).

To me, service design means...

Service design continues to evolve in the industry as a practice and personally as I grow. What remains constant for me is the asking of a question and using abductive reasoning to find some answers. Structured methodologies help make that activity a collaborative one and lends credibility/validity to the outputs.

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