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Tommaso Martucci
Hamburg | Germany

Innovation & Design Manager at INDEED. He is specialized in Service, Ux, Ui, with a background in Product Design and Workplace Strategy. Feel free to join his reading list by following #timeforreading

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I'm Italian from Napoli and I lived in different cities like London Milan Shanghai.. now in Hamburg.

During busy days, I wear different hats. As a Project Manager, I manage the budget and internal/external resources, while planning the timing and engaging with clients. As a Designer, I’m hands-on projects developing on my own from concept to delivery as of a solid and multidisciplinary background. As a Trainer, I facilitate workshops/training which focus on Design Thinking methods and tools for Innovation.

Tommaso Martucci
Innovation & Design Manager

Tommaso’s interest in Service Design

The opportunities of SD are endless as it covers the whole journey of users highlighting all touchpoint. With a zoom-in, each of these touchpoints is an opportunity to investigate the User eXperience and develop UI for a better engagement. With a zoom-out, connected services allow us to create a System Design and so an IoT Ecosystem, which enlarge the capacity of including the most advanced technologies as AI, VR, AR..

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