About Timothy Smith

Chestnut Hill | United States

A servant and service design centered leader; most recently a senior executive growing and transforming a food justice company. Avocation: address "service design deserts" overlooked places, people.

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Actively experimenting with intentional living, cooking with my boys. I coach lacrosse and soccer.

Integrating, wayfinding, practicing. Recent executive leadership work transforming strategic internal and external brand experiences, benchmarking operations and creating guidance systems, doubling company revenues and employment. TEDx and TEDxYouth BeaconStreet curator. Other passions: founding SDN Boston, Art/Science gallery, and an R&D salon for exploring augmented reality sand tables. Philanthropy: under-resourced urban youth mentoring, entrepreneurship, Art/Science, food justice.

Timothy’s interest in Service Design

Early work with model driven design, experience engineering, and later service design; understanding differentiated service delivery experiences and interactions with software; the service model after sale, customer support. Integrating and experimenting with design concepts relative to product and service innovation, organization change management. Applying these frameworks to nonprofit program design, outcomes assessment, social innovation. Creating blended participative definitions of performance, outcome, impact assessment.

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