About Tim Macarthur

Tim Macarthur
Dublin | Ireland

SDGC18 Speaker

Tim's talk at SDGC18: Lean into Lean

Tim Macarthur is Service & Experience Design Manager at an IoT, connected vehicle and mobile workforce company. His career has seen him work in the enterprise, in consultancy and in software products and services. Tim is Chapter Lead for the SDN in Ireland, and is an SDN Accredited Master Trainer.

Tim Macarthur
Service and Experience Design Manager at Verizon Connect

Tim’s interest in Service Design

As Service Design is progressively adopted by the enterprise, moving from being a consultancy speciality to an in-house capability, the need for better delivery methods and measurable success from concept to customer has crystallised. As such, service designers need to understand how agile delivery methodologies can help with moving beyond initial ideation and prototyping. This talk explores how aspects of Lean Thinking (Womack and Jones) and aspects of SDL (Vargo and Lusch) can be combined with Service Design thinking and methods to deliver services and iterate over time.

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