About Tim Kleinschmidt

Tim Kleinschmidt
London | United Kingdom

Listen to the users, understand the situation, and continuously improve

Tim Kleinschmidt Cadence Innova, Management Consultant

I am one of the senior members of Cadence Innova, a boutique UK consultancy working to inspire and enable our clients to deliver services that make peoples’ lives better, communities more connected, and enterprises more sustainable. I specialise in designing services that meet people's expectations and continuously evolving structures, technology, and processes to deliver higher quality services. I coach and support teams across Cadence Innova and our clients in choosing and employing the right approaches for the situation so that they can design and deliver amazing services. I also lead Cadence Innova's Agile practices, coaching teams in applying flexible and iterative approaches to delivering projects and digital services.

To me, service design means...

the practice of re-imagining everyday experiences to reduce stress and increase happiness. Each of us interacts with multiple businesses and technologies throughout our day, it's the job of service designers to make sure these interactions are intuitive, efficient, and accessible to all.

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