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Tero Väänänen
Leeds | United Kingdom

SDGC18 Speaker with Shirley Sarker

Tero's Talk at SDGC18: Implementing service design at NHS Digital for delivery and beyond

Tero Väänänen is a principal service designer at NHS Digital, where he is implementing the service design capability and leads the service design for the Citizen Identity Programme delivering a national health identity for online services. He has 20 years of experience in solving complex user experience problems in telecom, finance, entertainment, and public sectors, as a designer, user researcher, head of UX, and a service designer.

Tero Väänänen
Principal Service Designer at NHS Digital

Tero’s interest in Service Design

NHS Digital is the national information and technology partner to the health and social care system using digital technology to transform the NHS and social care. At NHS Digital, service design is currently in its infancy, but we believe that here­—more than anywhere else—service design can really make an impact, and now is the time to do so. However, setting up and building service design capability within an organisation the size and structure of NHS Digital is far from easy. In our talk we’ll discuss the challenges we face in building service design capability and turning it into a recognised discipline within NHS Digital

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