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Tarja Marketta Toikka
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Tarja Marketta Toikka

I am a senior designer practitioner. I have  a career of 20 years as art and design pedagogy and researcher. I am passionate about creative leadership. It means the way of leading or managing that supports human creative capabilities. 

IAs a young visually talented, good illustrator I studied visual communication. I worked a decade in media business among B2B and B2C products and services, branding and corporate images. Later in my 40's I studied media management and human computer interaction, inclusion and usability as well as co-design, participatory design and visionary design. 

Nowadays the more I see AI and robotics develop, the more I admire embodied cognition. Human brain is so flexible, applies information gathered via  senses  and then make sense of it all. We know much more than we know that we know.  Arts and story telling are ways to visualize, speculate about the futures. Service design is a way of building understanding, resistance and empathy. 

I have a passion for learning and developing art and design pedagogy. Learning  and unlearning are best ways to manage change. Human imagination is capable solving wicked problems with help of nature. Human centeredness is no longer valid nor ethical approach. We need to involve other species. 

To me, service design means...

- Holistic view to planet and humans - Life long learning and caring - Ecology, ethics, empathy, economy - Common good - Knowledge sharing - Inclusion - Human creativity - Respect for all living creatures - Imagining and building better futures - One planet strategy - From cradle to cradle - Product service systems - Speculative and visionary design - Collaboration, multi-disciplinary research

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