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Tanvi Pande
Amsterdam | Netherlands

SDGC18 speaker on stage with Arnoud Bladergroen

On stage with Arnoud Bladergroen for: Hacking corporate culture

Tanvi Pande, service designer at Airfrance KLM. Started her career in India as a product designer, thriving on projects that made big changes for the majority of people, from low- cost washing machines to redefining Indian kitchens. Decided to move to Europe, stepping in to the world of designing intangible products. Being a service designer at KLM, she is challenging the business in creating an holistic travel experience through empathizing with both customers and employees.

Tanvi Pande
Service Designer at Airfrance KLM.

Tanvi’s interest in Service Design

What does it take to turn a traditional company like Air France/ KLM into a human-centred, design-driven organisation? Step into the ancient world of spreadsheets, meeting rooms, blue shirts and no music and learn tricks how to hack corporate culture. Sharing our hands-on experiences as a fledgeling service design team within a large corporate and moving the service design mindset and way of working to the forefront.

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