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Tanika Paschke
Cape Town | South Africa

Stories that Connect Communities

Tanika is passionate about... quantitative research, design and culture, service design methodologies, innovation, service design thinking and design education

Tanika Paschke Hatua Kali , Service Designer | Independent Journalist | Founder

Kassie is a user researcher, digital content creator and community builder that uses research, design and storytelling as the vehicle to connect or reconnect organisations with their service users. 

She has a vast amount of cross-disciplinary experience in both the private and public sector and is known for her ability to elicit and communicate the real stories behind interviews, giving clients powerful insights into service areas and contexts. She was the secondary researcher for Carrie Beddingfield's PhD at Cambridge on meetings and organisational theory. 

She also takes on assignments as a freelance journalist travelling throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Her stories aim to shed light on nuanced and complex narratives surrounding geopolitics and cultural integration within the region. 

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