About Taiss Quartapa

Taiss Quartapa
BROADFORD | Australia

Simplifying complexity to deliver services and experiences that improve lives.

Taiss is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation, design education, service delivery, cultural change, service blueprint, enhanced engagement, knowledge transfer, service design toolkit, digital transformation, organisational change, system transformation, system design, sustainability, continuous innovation, value proposition, service strategies, design syllabus, performance scorecard and service architecture

Taiss Quartapa EIG, Intersectional Enterprise Services Designer

I am an explorer of the impossible - driven to deliver impactful results through facilitating the improvement of organisations and services to enhance people’s lives.

A multi-disciplined leader who ensures that organisations and key stakeholders can make smart, informed decisions guided by the insights of strategy, design and architecture to improve the quality of services whilst delivering superior customer experiences.

Over a three-decade span, I've specialised in bringing clarity to complexity with a synthesis of design and systems thinking to establish enterprise strategy, business service designs, architectures and holistic solution ecosystems.

With experience gained from implementing programmes from conceptual design through to delivery across a variety of clients and industries, I can help problem solve disruptive challenges, increase innovation and leverage the opportunities technology offers to enable multifaceted organisational strategy.

Always open to challenges - so If you would like to learn more about what I do, discuss your organisational pain points or just want to talk – drop me a line.

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