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Tai Huynh
Toronto | Canada

SDGC19 Speaker Tai Huynh

Tai Huynh UHN OpenLab, Creative Director

Tai Huynh is creative director at OpenLab at the University Health Network, Canada’s largest research hospital. He works with an inter-disciplinary team to come up with creative solutions to advance health and its social determinants. He is also the editor-in-chief at TheLocal.to, an independent magazine exploring urban health and social issues in Toronto. Tai has a Master of Design from OCAD University and an MBA from York University.



'Overdose: Service Design in the Time of Crisis'


Opioid overdoses have risen dramatically around the world. In this talk, I will discuss the major obstacles hampering current efforts to curb the crisis, including stigma, toxic street drug supplies, NIMBYism and the politics of indifference. The talk will describe a project in Toronto's inner city that brought together close to 100 harm reduction workers, people who use drugs, as well as service designers and developers to come up with a technology-driven, yet decidedly human solution. Through the window of the opioid crisis, the talk will draw connections between service design, participatory design and grassroots activism in advancing a just society.

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