About Svenja Désirée Jaffari

Svenja Désirée Jaffari
Odense | Denmark


Svenja Désirée Jaffari svenja.jaffari@rsyd.dk, Innovation consultant
I am a design researcher with a PhD in user centred design and innovation. I currently work as a consultant at the regional Health Innovation Center of Southern Denmark.

To me, service design means...

Service design tries to see the whole picture, in that it does not single out technologies or use or people or others but sees the interaction and 'music' between these components. Like a conductor a service designer can hear the tune and try to nudge and adjust and design, if necessary, the different parts so that it becomes coherent and harmonious in the end (or momentarily at least, as this oftentimes changes again). In my workplace, service design is a way of holistically approaching a design challenge or problem, which actually does not start with a label (now we call us service designer) but with a mindset and experiences through practice.

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