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Sven van de Riet
Utrecht | Netherlands

I am Head of Service Design at Ordina. I've spent my professional life in IT: first as a business consultant, next as head of research for an influential market research agency in the Netherlands.

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As a researcher I worked with many organizations on the question what makes a successful relationship in IT work. The answer was never technology, it always related to understanding the business environment. It became my conviction that IT service providers needed to use design principles to deliver services that make a meaningful impact. Then my quest began to search for a service provider who was willing to go on this exciting journey with me. Ordina - with their slogan IT made for humans - accepted the challenge and is my new home.

Sven van de Riet
Head of Service Design at Ordina

Sven’s interest in Service Design

As service providers we do not only have to consider the technical aspects, we also need to think from a human perspective. Service design is relatively new for most IT companies. My challenge is to infuse service design thinking the minds and way-of-working of all our employees.

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