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Stuart Congdon
Vancouver | Canada


Stuart is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation, design education, user experience, prototyping, service delivery, trends, expert interviews, storyboard, workshop, digital service, user journey, user-centred, inclusive, personas, field research, interviews, workshops, observation, simplification, participatory approach, shadowing, well-being service, quantitative research, trend analysis, customer engagement, testing, customer loyalty, elderly care, social care, qualitative research, co-creation, enhanced-efficiency, cost-effective, cultural change, service vision, increasing effectiveness, service blueprint, simplification, collaboration, employee well-being, target group, wayfinding, service concept, transformation of culture, enhanced engagement, knowledge transfer, strategic, service design toolkit, experimentation, digital transformation, organisational change, mobility, accessibility, system transformation, co-design, interdisciplinary, empathy-building, feedback culture, employee experience, system design, sustainability, user testing, communication, surveys, employee journey, toolkit, continuous innovation, value proposition, measurement system, ethnographic, digital, visualisation, storytelling, service strategies, interactive process, team collaboration, service guidelines, interaction guidelines, live prototyping, omni-channel, journey map, concept validation, metrics, design syllabus and stakeholder map

Stuart Congdon Fresh Tracks Canada, Digital Product Strategist
I'm a long standing advocate for service design and design in general as a part of Product Management. Whenever I have the time, I'm as active as possible in the service design community.

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