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Stephen Collins
CONDER | Australia

Founder and Principal Designer at acidlabs. Husband. Dad. Powerlifter. Bonsai grower. Rugby tragic. WoW and EVE Online. Feminist. Progressive. he/him/his.

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Be alert to everything. It makes you a better designer.

I'm a proponent of human scale and human-friendly workplaces, and giving people a meaningful place to work and actual balance in their lives. I care deeply about things like design ethics, leadership, intentional culture, representation and equity (recognising I'm one of way too many middle-class, educated, middle-aged, white dudes in design), the big picture, and building smarter clients. I'm a dilettante bonsai grower and keen gardener. I'm known to many as “trib”. It’s a long story. Feel free to use it. Politically and socially, I'm a humanist and progressive and use the pronouns he/him/his.

Stephen Collins
Director and Principal Designer

Stephen’s interest in Service Design

I work with a range of public and private sector clients to bring design leadership, strategic design, service design, design thinking and user experience capability to their staff, clients and users. I provide strategic advice and develop and implement programs for building design capability, innovation, collaboration, and engagement inside and outside client organisations.

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