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Stephen Collins
CONDER | Australia

Principal Designer and Director at acidlabs. Husband. Dad. Powerlifter. Bonsai grower. Rugby tragic. Infrequent WoWer. Feminist. Progressive. he/him/his.

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Be alert to everything. It makes you a better designer.

Often known by my nickname, “trib”, I am a strategist and communicator with experience in service design, systems thinking, user and customer experience, change, and organisational communications who understands people and business, helping put the two together.

Stephen Collins
Director and Principal Designer

Stephen’s interest in Service Design

I work with a range of public and private sector clients to bring great communication, service design, change, design thinking and user experience focussed advice to their staff, clients and users. I provide strategic advice and develop and implement programs for innovation, collaboration, community building and engagement inside and outside client organisations.

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