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Stefan Draskic
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Stefan Draskic

Standing at an intersection of UX Design & international affairs, my tasks always included stepping into other people's shoes and trying to look at things from their perspective. I specialised in developing and maintaining a network of contacts, negotiations and event organisation and finally focused on the topic of digital identity and solutions that help acquire more online visibility.

After a while, I decided it made sense to pursue my interest in digital tools and opted for a change to UX design, where I joined my past and present skills to craft novel solutions to existing problems.

My key skills include:

- Problem analysis

- Project Brief drafting (Problem-Solution-Result loops, user stories) 

- User Research (user interviews, feedback analysis)

- Creation of User Flows

- Wireframing (pen & paper and digital tools)

- Prototyping

Tools I'm using in my everyday work: 

- Adobe XD

- Figma

- Canva

- Atom (HTML, CSS)

To me, service design means...

Service design means walking the extra mile for the user: thinking not only of what is possible and feasible today, but also dig deep and explore novel ideas that lead to the simplification and digitalisation of workflows.

Share your favorite projects with our community:

Ellis - an App for Expats

Ellis - an App for Expats

Ellis is a digital product designed to help people moving abroad connect to experts who will help them in the process 24/7.

Here, I took care of the whole design process, from research to hi-fi UI mockups - including exploratory interviews, wireframing, prototyping & user testing.

EllisStefan Draskic

Digital Agora - a complete E-Government Ecosystem

Digital Agora is conceived as a complete ecosystem for smart governance, enabling citizens to access e-government services, make informed decisions based on real-time data and have their voices heard through participative functionalities.

Digital AgoraStefan Draskic
Digital Agora - a complete E-Government Ecosystem

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