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Sophie Riendeau
Montreal | Canada


Sophie Riendeau Meilleur Monde cooperative, Service designer and co-founder

Hi everyone! 

I am Sophie and I have been working as a service designer for 6 years now, but in the design field for the past 10 years. Starting off as an industrial designer, I quickly realized I was more interested in the contexte around the object and the humans using it than the object itself. I did my master's degree in transdisciplinary design, Parsons, where I learned the bases of service design, social innovation, speculative design, and much much more. From there, I worked as an in-house service designer in a hospital based in New York. Missing my home, I went back to live in Montreal and started a service design consultancy with two other women. We work mostly with clients in the public sector (hospitals, public libraries, the city, etc.), but also with private clients that work in fields that interest us (ex: funerary homes). There is a small community of service designers in Montreal, but mostly social designers from diverse fields of design. I would like to connect with other service designers to share tools and insights about our work!

To me, service design means...

Service design is the practice of conceptualizing an experience from A to Z in order to make it more fluid and accessible for its end users. It is a design practice that I often compare to an orchestra conductor, meaning it designs the way in which many subsequent designs work together to create a logical sequence of events.

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