About Sayali Bharambe

Sayali Bharambe
Milan | Italy

Engineer turned Designer.

I studied Mechanical engineering for six years only to discover my true calling is more artistic and cognitive than I thought. I worked for 2 years as a business development manger for one of the leading Indian manufacturing company. All along reading and keeping an close eye of design thinking, design methods and ultimately service design. Studying service design for two years at Politecnico di Milano has enlightened me and shaped me for what's coming in the future.

Sayali Bharambe
Service Design Student

Sayali’s interest in Service Design

Along my professional and academic path, I have been observing how services are delivered and how crucial it is to provide not only an efficient service but most importantly, a remarkable experience. I see Service Design as the key to propose innovative solutions for businesses, exchanging value and strengthening relationships between stakeholders with empathy and trust.

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