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sarah brooks
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I'm a service designer focused on developing a holistic customer experience practice within a large enterprise.

sarah brooks IBM, Director, Journey System
For the past 10+ years I've been working with complex public and private sector organizations to build service design capacities and capabilities. My practice includes teaching, writing & speaking.

To me, service design means...

Service design is very much about using an understanding of people and the living systems of the biosphere that we're situated in to orchestrate flows of value that happen across time in moments. While no one person or designer can "design" anyone else's experience, as service designers, we can create conditions that are more or less conducive for in-personal and digital types of experiences; those that build trust, and generate more understanding of each other or those that feel more purely transactional. Service design is a big tent which makes it rich and varied in practice, and something that draws me to it and this community.

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Future of Fish

Future of Fish is a nonprofit systems change incubator.

They work with industry players, technologists, and NGOs to create business solutions to ocean challenges. They envision a global seafood supply chain that produces legal, traceable, trustworthy fish; that rewards responsible fishing with better prices; and that fosters resource conservation.

Systems ChangeFuture of Fish

VA Patient Experience

VA is the largest integrated healthcare system in the U.S. and is integrating a patient experience model based on field research with Veterans of all eras and branches of service, to better meet their needs. 
Improving Healthcare delivery for VeteransVeterans Experience Office

Design When Everybody Designs

Ezio Manzini is a pioneer in the field of design toward sustainable futures and author of Design when Everybody Designs (MIT Press, 2015), which builds on the experiences of the DESIS Network (DESIS: design for social innovation towards sustainability) drawing a picture of what design experts can do to amplify and support the on-going flow of radical, bottom-up social innovation and a more resourceful social economy. He describes emerging forms of collaboration between design professionals and others, where new solutions are suggested and new meanings created. A new paradigm and practices emerge based on a more engaged, innovative and sustainable way of being in the world.

Design When Everybody DesignsRSA

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