About Santiago Echeverry Gonzalez

Santiago Echeverry Gonzalez
Köln | Germany

SDGC18 Workshop Facilitator

Santiago's Workshop at SDGC18: Beyond Personas: Design of services enabled by smart agents

I am a service and interaction designer currently working in the field of Digital Innovations at Antwerpes AG, a digital agency in Cologne. With a mixed background in the interaction between Technology and Design, I have over 3 years of experience exploring multiple ways in which design can bring value from various roles. I concluded my master studies at the Köln International School of Design (KISD), where I did research on new ways of doing Service Design in relation to Smart Devices. Based on this work, I currently run the website www.SmartServiceDesign.com, where I have published new service design methodologies.

Santiago Echeverry Gonzalez
Interaction Designer in Digital Innovations at Antwerpes AG,

Santiago’s interest in Service Design

How can the best customer experienced be achieved, when services agents are no longer people, but AI driven, smart agents? How can new interfaces be implemented effectively into a service journey? This workshop explores the new roles given to increasingly smart systems, as enablers and providers of services across multiple industries. Based on the methodologies described in SmartServiceDesign.com, the workshop aims to introduce new approaches for the design of services involving emerging touchpoints, such as conversational interfaces and smart devices.

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