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Sandy Lopes
Luxembourg | Luxembourg

Creative thinker with an analytical background: I like improving things - including myself - and I am best at designing structures for managing people, projects and organizations.

I am a plant geek, a city cyclist and believe in the WYSIATI principle :)

I am an economist by training and have a deep interest in service design. I always found that something was missing in my economist perspective and the main blind spot was the user-centeredness and the more open way of looking at situations. I develop concepts and improve working methods in my profession and I use a lot of design thinking to reach my objectives. It's also one of the best ways to make a message understandable by different people from different backgrounds. My focus areas are organisational development, process improvement (lean six sigma) and change management.

Sandy Lopes

Sandy’s interest in Service Design

Share experience, tools, resources and best practices. The sectors I work in are diverse: healthcare, urban design, telecommunications and public institutions. I mostly like to work in areas where I there is a social impact and that's the goal I aim towards in my carreer.

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