About Samara Salas

Samara Salas
CDMX | Mexico

Helping companies transforming into digital products and services

Samara is passionate about... customer engagement, customer experience, service roadmap, universal design, design and culture, service design methodologies, transformation of culture and digital transformation

Samara Salas Common Sense People, CPO

I am Samara Salas, customer experience designer, CPO and founder at Common Sense People, a digital transformation company based in Mexico City.

I started my relation with Service Design about 10 years ago, since then my perspective of how to create has change dramatically. There is a lot of applications and I still learn every day new things to apply to a person experience. 

My personal goal is to create products and services that enable people to have a better life through technology.

My favorite topics are processes, technology, e-commerce, fintech and review any kind of experience or interaction a person can have with a service.

Hobbies, reading, gardening, cooking and pottery. 

You can find me usually working from home in a video call with a customer or cooking for my family.

I exchange mentoring for coffee and taquitos.

To me, service design means...

In the past we used to create processes, products and services without considering what people really wanted and needed, without an experience, with Service Design is the opportunity and responsibility to design processes, products and services for people, people working with us, customers, providers, general public. Create with awareness, intention and with a clear outcome.

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