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Köln | Germany

Experience and Service Designer

Sahar Nikzad KISD ( Köln International School of Design ), Master's Student

Hi! I am an experience and service designer; pursuing a Master's degree in Integrated Design with a focus on Social and Public Innovation at the Köln International School of Design in Cologne. I have had five years of product design experience across a range of industries  (jewellery, fashion, furniture, and lighting). I changed my career to service and experience design after earning my degree in industrial design and observing how the world is shifting toward more intangible experiences and objects. I would like to develop my design and cross-disciplinary talents and study new things every day to get ready for a future profession.

To me, service design means...

Service Design is a great strategy for promoting change and enabling to co-create a better society in both the present and the future. It has a direct influence on either the governmental and private sectors, as well as on individuals. Every day, I keep learning about service design thinking, and in this deep dive, I am discovering something new and delightful.

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Mobile participation Citizens x City of Cologne:

A multidisciplinary overall idea for mobile public involvement developed by KISD is the opinion mobile and opinion online. For urban issues, it combines in-person engagement, online participation, and administrative evaluation. The right city actors and politicians may include citizens in important political choices thanks to this kind of public involvement. When it comes to concerns that will alter living conditions in the future, the entire city should collaborate. A free exchange of ideas is made possible by the MeinungsMobil, including the right of individuals who will be impacted to take part in the decision-making process.

The test day demonstrated that participation is a must for a productive debate. In participatory frameworks like this, the general public may initiate conversations with the pertinent players right away. The students discovered that, in contrast to, say, a survey between the door and the hinge and, in certain circumstances, also online surveys, this engagement elicits more appreciation and influence among residents. Additionally, the idea of the OpinionMobile allows the city to physically interact with residents who are often politically engaged in order to reach quiet groups. According to evidence, MeinungsMobil is receiving a lot of attention, and residents are therefore becoming aware of urban projects. The extent of citizen engagement in the decision-making process heavily influences the process's success.

Students came to the conclusion that it was important to make it apparent from the outset which choices the public was actively involved in. Here, the use of an additional online tool is crucial. It not only makes it easier for local officials to work on participation programs but also effectively explains the city's goals to the general population. The city can increase the appeal of public engagement by projecting an image of transparency among its residents.


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