About Rob Maslin

Ongar | United Kingdom

I am a service designer and researcher, working freelance and for business / gov / not for profit clients as We All Design.

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Creating positive change for society, environment and business is the driving force behind my work in service design. I believe they are co-dependent parts that should be the future of a thriving economy and society. I have become well recognised for my niche expertise at the intersection of service design /research and the circular economy, which is making sustainability a business imperative.

Rob’s interest in Service Design

Circular economy - Designing systems and services so they get more value from their resources and cause less damage to other systems, such as the environment. Common sense right? Too often it is ignored. I am interested in how to design for the flow of resources we can create a win for business, society and the environment. Social - My work focuses on human's not users. In many service models, whether digital or physical, only really work because everyone benefits from the design. I'm fascinated at how design can create successful eco-systems, as well as user experiences. Facilitation - I love designing and creating workshops, I've orgainsed loads of hack events. It is fun.

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