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Richard Eisermann
Cambridge | United States

Business transformation through service design

Richard Eisermann Connected Care, Philips, Head of Design

My purpose is to help organizations become their best selves. My mission is to use the transformational power of design to conceive, develop and realize the innovative services and products that build brilliant brands, drive value and foster the relationships that all stakeholders want. I work by engaging and understanding people, both inside and outside an organization, in order to reframe the questions being faced. This helps us get beyond strategy to delivery - the place where experiences come alive, meaning is found, and hearts and minds are ultimately won.

I build and lead design teams that dream of the possible, cut through to the doable and deliver on the tangible. I have had the privilege of working with brilliant people across a broad spectrum of disciplines to help organizations harness the transformational power of design to create experiences that harmoniously blend physical, digital and human elements.


I lead my teams to facilitate change by developing innovations that are steeped in a people-centered ethos. By identifying the key underlying issue first, the "why" drives the "what" and the "how". This systems approach to problems results in designs that are feasible, viable and desirable, ensuring outputs that have positive outcomes and impacts for all stakeholders.

To me, service design means...

Service design is about the entire system, especially at the business end. Designing a great customer experience is fairly easy - it's bloody hard to design the organization capable of delivering it. This is where the rubber meets the road (or simply bounces off of it).

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