About Radhika Gupta

Chicago | United States

My passion for design, systems and being a part of change is what fuels my love of Design. As a hybrid designer, I aim to leverage the discipline skills I have, in the problems I am asked to solve.

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I am a visual sponge, keeping my eyes and ears open to the world around me.

I am a hybrid who uses all my skills to get to the root of understanding through a deep user perspective and strategy. I love to tell stories that bring empathy and a human voice to the forefront. My philosophy is simple...do it well, do it thoughtfully and never drop your standards for excellence.

Radhika’s interest in Service Design

I particularly like working with Healthcare clients, but I like to understand complexity, pivot solutions and make an impact in the world. I am a storyteller and when I have articulated the intangible to someone it is deeply rewarding. I also like to learn from and evolve methodology to customize them for the problem at hand.

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