About Polly Adams

Polly Adams
London | United Kingdom


Polly Adams IBM, Designer

I've recently pivoted to working in content design and strategy, but my roots are in service design and user research. I use both as the foundation to everything I do now, from writing copy to branding and strategy. I've been involved with the SDN since 2016, taking on various positions as a chapter member and leader in Savannah, San Francisco, and New York. You may have seen me teach yoga at the first virtual global conference in October 2020. See you at SDGC later this year!

To me, service design means...

I got my undergraduate degree in Service Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, so I'm inclined to say what Mauricio Manhaes would say here: 'Nothing. Anything. Everything.' But if I had to try to be original, I would say service design is the act of considering the big picture through assembling and orchestrating the details.

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