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Peter Rivera-Pierola
Oak Brook | United States

Peter Rivera-Pierola has 10+ years of experience designing services, environments, touchpoints, and systems for one of the most recognized brands in the world.

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Peter is passionate about food, culture, and bringing the right ideas to life.

Peter Rivera-Pierola leverages strategic design thinking and a curious, collaborative spirit to effectively partner across disciplines and industries. He currently manages the development of new brand-building, customer-centric concepts at McDonald’s, where he’s relentlessly focused on building a better, more modern and progressive brand. His deep passion for understanding, coupled with his ever-constructive and creative attitude, make him an effective cross-functional collaborator and leader in demonstrating the power of design thinking.

Peter Rivera-Pierola
Service Experience Designer

Peter’s interest in Service Design

His varied interests include leveraging technology to enable personal connections, using space for storytelling, easing the complexity of service interactions, and strategically bridging across company stakeholders to create change.

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