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Peter Horvath
Geneva | Switzerland

Putting internet on planes, organizing digital strategy meetups, connecting the dots.

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I started the Digital Strategy and UX Meetup and grew it to the biggest grassroots meetup event series in Switzerland. This helped kickstart the nascent meetup community in Geneva. Our team at Inmarsat created end-user facing services in a traditionally B2B, infrastructure organisation. Happy to discuss the inherent challenges :)

Peter Horvath
manager, digital services and passenger experience

Peter’s interest in Service Design

User experience design, digital strategy, service design - to me they are tightly related. It is all about finding the touchpoints and ensuring smooth sailing among them, following organisation goals, while fulfilling and exceeding end-user expectation. But while UX is more tied in terms of scope, and digital strategy includes high amount of corporate decision making, service design is where the real magic can happen, and cross-platform successes can be achieved, on the cross-section of digital and physical realities.

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