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Patrick Quattlebaum
Decatur | United States

SDGC18 Keynote Speaker

Let Go of Your Ego: Orchestrating Progress through Competitive Collaboration

Patrick Quattlebaum is a designer and teacher who gets up every morning to bring creativity, rigor, and humanity to problem-solving. He is the co-founder and CEO at Harmonic Design, a consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA, USA. Previously, he was principal designer at studioPQ, Managing Director at Adaptive Path, and Head of Service Design at Capital One. An expert in design strategy and service design, Patrick places a premium on pushing design practice to be more value-centered, collaborative, and iterative. He and his co-author, Chris Risdon, share their design philosophy and its practical applications in Orchestrating Experiences: Collaborative Design for Complexity.

Patrick Quattlebaum
Co-founder and CEO at Harmonic Design

Patrick’s interest in Service Design

Organisations represent a marketplace of ideas with the aim of achieving strategic objectives. Service design competes with other methodologies—lean, agile and design thinking—to frame problems and propose solutions for creating value. Tensions among these deters progress in translating these aspirations into reality. To deliver exceptional services, service designers must not approach their work as a zerosum game of us vs. them. This talk explores competitive collaboration, a strategy for emphasising cooperation with opposing enterprise world views. A set of principles and example tactics will equip attendees to create greater impact in their projects from discovery to strategy to delivery.

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