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paolo korre
toronto | Canada

Service/Strategy/User-Centred Design-thinker doer etc. Once an industrial designer - still love to make stuff Love to dabble in psychology, BE and understanding humans and all their eccentricities

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We need more design heroes in Canada

I have been developing service design as a method for change in Canadian Health Care for the past 10 years. For a long time I was part of a very very small community pushing design, often seen as a fringe method. Now it is becoming very popular and in demand in Canadian health care, and business in general. I'm trying to continue to develop practice, methods, and maintain rigour as the field is being rapidly adopted. Before I knew about SDN, I co-created an event called design-meets-healthcare - that helped bring together a community around design & health. Our organization has just started a team dedicated to the future of Aging with Human Centred Design as the backbone methodology.

paolo’s interest in Service Design

Health Care and its associated fields: social determinants of health, social services, community service, aging, dying, chronic disease management, caregiving, changing contexts of health delivery etc. With this: the methodologies that are used in leading health design labs/teams/centres: design toolkits, co-design, design for seniors, etc

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