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Oliver Hildsberg
Köln | Germany

My name is Oliver, I live and work as a freelance consultant in Cologne/ Germany. Optimising and designing processes and organisation within companies and related to their customers are my passion.

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If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. (Abraham Lincoln)

My consulting approach is strongly influenced by the Lean Management/ Kaizen philosophy: optimise and design the operational core processes of companies/ institutions to best meet their customers' needs in an efficient way, by intensively integrating the skills, opinions and creativity of all concerned workers and employees. Or in other words: put the people who are doing the process every day right in the center of any improvement initiative, listen to them respectfully, and motivate them for CHANGE.

Oliver Hildsberg
Process & Organisational Design Consultant

Oliver’s interest in Service Design

Coming across the Customer Journey Mapping methodology, I discovered that Service Design is a PERFECT FIT to the Lean Management approach: looking at ALL service activities and touch points that may be perceived by the customer, either digitally or "physically". Once the requirements for an optimal service are identified, Lean Management methods will then help to implement an optimal customer experience in an effective and sustainable way.

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