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Niels Corsten
Amsterdam | Netherlands

SDGC19 Speaker Niels Corsten

Niels Corsten Koos Service Design, Service Design Lead

Niels Corsten is currently Service Design Lead at Koos Service Design and has a cum laude double degree in design. At Koos, he has contributed to service design projects in the industries of telecom, aviation, banking, mobility, energy, insurance, hospitality, healthcare and governmental services. He is currently involved in projects regarding the implementation of service design in organisations, working with the creation of toolkits, training programs and on-the-job coaching.



'Getting Involved: How to Embed and Manage Service Design in Large Organisations Using the Service Design Maturity Model'


In this talk, I will be sharing the Service Design Maturity Model, a framework that gives structure and helps large organisations to implement and scale service design. I will elaborate on the different maturity stages and four identified factors that indicate the maturity of your organisation and serve as guidelines for further maturation. Using a range of real-world cases, we will share our thoughts on common barriers to maturation and share strategies on how to grow your company’s maturity.

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