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nicole Reinhold
Köln | Germany

I'm researching people’s behavior, lifestyle and business trends. I have over 10 years international professional experience in R&D, E-Business, Market Research and Design.

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I grew up in Germany, lived 12 years in the Netherlands, 2 years in Italy and now I’m back in Germany living in Cologne. I work in German, English and Dutch and sometimes even Italian. Traveling has always been my biggest passion. I conducted research in 23 countries and I traveled through many of them. I especially enjoyed my work in the emerging markets in Asia where I worked hand-in-hand with my local colleagues. Before setting up my own company SOCRATIZE, I worked at Daimler Benz (R&D) Philips Consumer Electronics (E-Business) and Philips Design (Strategic Futures).

nicole Reinhold
Service Designer

nicole’s interest in Service Design

What I like about Service Design is that it put many methods into a process with a starting point and and goal - that makes it much more appealing to me than simply doing research or ideation.

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