About Nicole Broeckling

Nicole Broeckling
Vancouver | Canada

Hi there! I run a small service design team out of a large agency in Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Halifax). We are passionate about the power of service design in the public sector!

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I love how this industry is so young and being shaped daily by the work we do!

I'm headquartered in Vancouver, but our team goes across the country.

Nicole Broeckling
Director, Service Design

Nicole’s interest in Service Design

We work closely with many government organizations here in Canada to help them understand the organizational change needed to support digital government and designing services for citizens in a more cost-effective, digitally-driven way. We've also brought a Service Design approach to many private sector efforts, helping companies make strategic decisions and test their ideas before investing too much into development. I'm particularly passionate about how service design can help make the lives of workers better; I believe being happy at work is of utmost importance, and there is so much great research supporting the need for massive change in this area.

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