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Nansi Van Geetsom
Mechelen | Belgium

Course leader Space & Service Design - Research coordinator Space & Service Design

Nansi Van Geetsom Thomas More University of Applied Sciences - ID&A - Postgraduate in Space & Service Design, spatial and service designer - researcher - course leader

Nansi Van Geetsom (BE), graduated as interior architect and educational scientist, is course coordinator and lecturer for the Postgraduate in Space and Service Design at Thomas More University. Her current research looks to the adaptation of service design methodology to consider the role of physical spaces.  

To me, service design means...

= the design of a system of services + spaces, objects, circulation and communication which jointly fulfill the specific needs of the user.

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Space and service design to improve museum experiences for people with mental disorders

Space and service design to improve museum experiences for people with mental disorders

This project is running in the Postgraduate in Space & Service Design in Belgium, is a project funded by Erasmus+ and supports SDG 10 - Design for reduced inequality.

Design Challenge:

What services and service touchpoints can help with the preparation of the museum visit for people with mental impairments?

Visiting a new place can be stressful, especially when it’s a museum and it is supposed to be relaxing, enjoyable and pleasant. Having a memorable experience for people with special needs can be even harder. A museum toolkit will be one of the touchpoints that support the preservice. In order to design the toolkit, challenges such as: scheduling and planning, providing a safe and recognisable environment, creating interaction, excitement and anticipation were our main focus. A ‘one fits all’ approach answers the needs of a broad range of users, including people with a mental impairment.

spatial and service design for people with mental impairmentBritt Pellens, Anthony Chalfoun, Julie Amy

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