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Monica Uusiniemi
Hki | Finland

Hello! I'm a change agent using SD kit - customer experience is my driver. Have worked as project lead & customer strategist - kept me in bread and butter. Love surfing and crossfitting.

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I'm a business developer and project leader specialized in fostering creativity and collaboration with 20+ years of experience working across industries creating growth via omni-channel customer strategies and loyalty concepts. Facilitating change for better customer and employee experience, inspiring people and enabling transformation drive me on. ----- My expertise: * B2B sales and growth hacking * Facilitating creativity and innovation * Service design and facilitation * Customer strategy, CRM, loyalty programs, direct marketing * Lean business development & design sprints .....

Monica Uusiniemi

Monica’s interest in Service Design

My interest in SD is facilitating transformation, fostering creativity and driving sustainable growth. I combine my new skills in service design and facilitation to create encounters that matter - believe that everything is a service and hope to build MyData based human centric service programmes that lead to lovemarks instead of traditional customer loyalty strategies.

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