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Mileha Soneji
Schijndel | Netherlands

SDGC18 Speaker

Mileha's talk at SDGC18: Designing for Parkinson's Patients

Mileha Soneji believes that having empathy and being able to put yourself in another person's shoes is what makes for great human centered design. Mileha Soneji is a trained strategic product designer, originally hailing from the city of Pune in India. She currently works in the Netherlands as a strategic designer. Her work entails combining the fuzzy front-end of the design process with emerging technologies to answer the question of what needs to be designed in the future. Even as a child, Mileha had a keen interest in (re)designing things around her, even though she had little knowledge about it as a profession.

Mileha Soneji
Strategic Designer at VanBerlo

Mileha’s interest in Service Design

My talk is about simple solutions I designed for Parkinsons’s patients and how they describe the principles of Human Centered Design. It is about how even by targeting the right user insight and designing for it, testing the concepts and improving them can we have a big impact on this world. The key is that in this ever evolving smart world how can we still create products and designs that provide value to people and fulfill their core need. My story is a heartfelt one that gives a strong message on how we can make a difference in this world in the simplest manner and showing empathy. My talk is about how simplicity and human centered design can change this world.

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