About Michael Joyce

Michael Joyce
Omaha | United States

Thinkologist, Innovation Catalyst, & Human Centered Designer

Michael is passionate about... design education, service design thinking, innovation, service design methodologies, design and culture, white space research, experience prototyping, co-design sessions and service design toolkit

Michael Joyce Kaiser Permentente , System Designer

Michael is a problem solver and designer in the broadest sense of the word. He is anti-disciplinary and promiscuously collaborative – guiding individuals and organizations beyond the bias of expertise and helping them discover possibilities hidden from view. Michael pushes clients to discover their reason for being, play where boundaries blur and silos disappear, imagine novel solutions, and map the path to implementation. He revels in collisions – of people, disciplines, world views, and possible futures. He teaches non-designers, from students to physicians, to think and create like designers, to push organizations to think beyond business-as-usual, and find opportunity in uncertainty. In other words, he’ll ask the tough questions, poke the proverbial bear, and help you arrive at your vision - all while delivering a sustainable business model. 

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