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Megan Miller
Redwood City | United States

Service experience designer, community leader, innovation partner, design strategist... Working at Stanford University IT. Co-Founder of http://www.practicalservicedesign.com

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My big question that drives my work: "How can we make people's lives better?"

I am driven by supporting the missions of others, building community through collaboration, and creating a culture of empowerment. I am continually building my competencies in leadership, mentorship, and communication. In my work, I practice mindfulness, empathy, and compassion, and I believe that the best solutions come from a deep understanding of others’ needs and motivations. My strengths are defining strategy, communicating vision, taking action, and building community. I am passionate about taking a vision from idea to reality, and helping others realize their goals.

Megan Miller
Senior Service Designer

Megan’s interest in Service Design

I am passionate about growing service design as a field, and introducing it to new industries and organizations. In my partnership with Erik Flowers, we launched http://www.PracticalServiceDesign.com to help educate, motivate, and integrate service design into practical work contexts. We believe strongly in building a community of practice around service design to help advance the industry, and help us all grow as service designers.

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