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Max Silverbrook
Toronto | Canada

SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Max Silverbrook

Max Silverbrook Bridgeable, Senior Design Researcher

Max Silverbrook enjoys applying behavioural science to design interventions that help people make better choices. At Bridgeable, Max applies behavioural science, integrating quantitative and qualitative methods, to understand and motivate desired behaviours. Max holds a master’s in neuroscience from the Brain and Mind Institute and a B.Sc in life sciences from Queen’s. In his research, Max has applied cutting-edge brain imaging techniques to investigate information processing across states of consciousness.


Workshop - together with Hudson Pridham

'Chatting Chatbots: Bringing Chatbots to Life'


Chatbots are playing an increasingly important role in delivering standout experiences that deepen customer relationships. Building successful chatbots requires more than technical expertise. To create engaging and valued chatbots, we must understand customer needs, behaviours, and service interactions, while leveraging best practices in conversation design. In this workshop, participants will apply service design techniques to design, build, and test interactive chatbot prototypes.

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