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Matthew Oliphant
Portland | United States

Writer .:. UX Research training & coaching at Curious Zebras. .:. Research & GYST guidance at Studio VO.

Matthew Oliphant Studio VO, Service Design, Design Research, Usability Testing

Matthew has led the research, design, and testing efforts for dozens of product & service projects over the past 23 years. He’s led research efforts to understand the needs of organ transplant recipients, helped define processes and tools for research into rare diseases, and helped doctors communicate dense genomics information to consumers.

While his work impacts primarily healthcare, he has improved insurance, financial services, accounting, CRM, fundraising, marketing, e-commerce, business processing, education, transportation, engineering, entertainment, SaaS, B2B, B2C, and C2B.

Areas of Expertise:

Building internal practice and teams

Product Design

Product Management

Process Improvement

Service Design

Technical (UX) Writing

Usability Testing

UX Research

To me, service design means...

I prefer the more holistic, systemic approach Service Design takes.

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Actually Generative Research

We helped Google investigate the premise that “people have meetings.” This purposefully generative research identified the need for more research and was meant to.

The specific ask wasn’t “what product should we make,” but instead, “Find what don’t we know and challenge what we think we know.”

We helped them start down the path toward a unified vision of their future (what has become Google Workspace).

Not just for the team within the company who brought us in, but also the dozens of teams who make products via (currently) a lot of guesswork. It isn't often we get requests like this, but it's also often the most rewarding kind of work; for us and our clients.

Matthew Oliphant
Actually Generative Research

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