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Matt Knaus
Zürich | Switzerland


Matt is passionate about... design education, user experience, prototyping, expert interviews, interviews, workshops, participatory approach, qualitative research, co-creation, cultural change, collaboration, transformation of culture, organisational change, co-design, empathy-building, team collaboration, Co-creation, innovation process, culture, service implementation, Workshop, participatory design and experience design

Matt Knaus

I'm Matt Knaus and I'm a designer and educator based in Zürich, Switzerland.

I have a professional background in designthinking, including service & experience design, as well as communication, project management and training.

I strive to support people and organizations in realizing their full innovation potential. To enable them to better adapt to changing environments and seize new opportunities.

At the centre of this ambition is supporting individuals and organisations in developing and integrating design capabilities.

I follow a holistic approach to design thinking that goes beyond processes and tools, but enables people to participate in and contribute to projects impactfully. This means to strategically focus as well on creating and fostering an environment in which true innovation can happen.

I just finished a fulltime MA program in Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island Manchester successfully. Now I'm looking for opportunities to apply my expanded knowledge and honed skills again in the professional reallife.

To me, service design means...

Service Design is a holistic approach to design all touchpoints, interactions and processes of a service production and delivery. Enabling individuals within the organisation to produce and deliver services and including them in the design process is as important as involving clients and potential customers.

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