About Martin Boschetti

Martin Boschetti
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires | Argentina

Head of Innovation

Martin Boschetti DMO design company, Co-founder

I'm passionate about improving the way we live. I'm Industrial Designer and a serial entrepreneur. I founded DMO design company, a global design and innovation company based in Argentina, 15 years ago.

I've discovered Service Design in 2016 when we made a soft landing of DMO design company in Spain. We had to spread the word within our Clients, Corporations and Startups in Latam because it was an unknown discipline as "Service Design".

Today, 4 years later, I'm proud of our team to have developed many projects and service design implementations, with impact in thousands of people.

I believe in the power of transformation of SD and want to continue in the way of changing structures, mindset to improve people's lives.

I'm also father of two kids, in love with my wife, piano and basketball player and Startup mentor at INICIA Entrepreneur Community.

To me, service design means...

It's a way to improve, co-create, re-think how we interact with each others and the environment.

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Novartis > Pharma innovation

We are addressing multiple issues such as Access to medication, digital diagnostic Scores for certain pathologies, innovating in the early detection of diseases and incorporating disruptive technologies such as VR, AR and AI in medical environments and practices.

pharma, medtech, patients, access to medicationDMO design company
Novartis > Pharma innovation
Banco Galicia > Fintech Innovation

Banco Galicia > Fintech Innovation

Technology is everywhere, the challenge is make it useful for thousands of people.

We accompany the Innovation Lab Team of Banco Galicia on its path of transformation based on innovation. We worked with Service Blueprints and Canvas of Value Proposition.

Having detected some innovation opportunities and the strengths of the Innovation Lab team, we plotted 5 direct implementation insights, the areas / resources involved, the level of impact and how to validate them through a POC (proof of concept) in the short term.

Value proposition, Innovation process, client-centric approachDMO design company

IBM > Tech Innovation

Rethink the IBM IoTLab innovation process was a Service Design experience for their own internal teams. Sometimes Service Design may be focused to the inside of an organization, teams, business units, improving the experience, methods, connections and inputs/outputs between areas, so the innovation process finally reaches final users with different company's outcomes.

We collaborate with IBM's IoTLab, working on its identity to be recognized within the company as an innovation hub, detecting improvements in its development & implementation processes and defining its inputs and outputs to and from other sectors.

IoT, InnovationDMO design company
IBM > Tech Innovation