About Marlies Deforche

Marlies Deforche
Brussels | Belgium

I'm a designer with a background in digital advertising and webdesign. During a graduate program in Hyper Island Stockholm, I discovered service design and social entrepeneurship.

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I have a paralyzing fear of thunderstorms.

After working at social service design studios in Glasgow and Chicago, I returned to Belgium to start my own practice. I co-founded Twisted Studio with Elizabeth Verhetsel, who has a background as a psychologist. We focus on projects and clients in the social sector. In doing so, we aim to help vulnerable groups move forward.

Marlies Deforche
Service Designer

Marlies’s interest in Service Design

In most of our projects, we coach and train our clients (social sector professionals) to do a lot of the work themselves. This not only empowers them to continue using the tools after we're out of the picture, but also takes the ego out of 'design'.

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