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markus hohl
London | United Kingdom

I head up the London office of the Service Design agency Hellon. Passionate about Service Design and using design to change people's lives, be it a service or be it for employees.

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I live on a small Island -Eel Pie Island - on the river Thames, in London. Little oasis of calm :)

Before Hellon I was leading a team of international SD and UX designers at Orange Labs UK, creating future products & services around mobile for Orange’s 32 countries. Prior to that my job as Head of Customer Centred Design at Telefonica O2 was coming up and introduced a customer focussed design process for all of O2 UK’s consumer product portfolio, a 9-£figure annual investment. My background is in product design and engineering. I came to the UK to study design and got stuck ever since :). On the side I have been teaching at the Royal College of Art and Warwick Business School, as well as coaching SMEs for the UK Design Council in design and innovation.

markus hohl
CEO, Service Designer

markus’s interest in Service Design

working across everything- I stared in product design and architecture, then went into UX, then organisational design. Now interested in the complicated messy things you do as a Service Designer.

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