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Mark Wagner
Excelsior | United States

I have over 18 years of strategic design expertise, leading clients and teams in delivering purpose built, multi-channel consumer experiences, both large and small.

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I enjoy connecting with people from vastly different backgrounds and experiences than mine.

I believe the best work is the result of careful orchestration of the right people in highly energized and agile environments, especially where titles and egos are left at the door. From my view a rigorous focus combined with contagious enthusiasm always leads to remarkable outcomes.

Mark Wagner
Design Director

Mark’s interest in Service Design

I am interested in the merger of service design and digital product innovation. I believe vast oceans of unlocked value lie in the service experiences between peoples' time, locations, and needs in their daily lives. I am interested in teaching and learning new methods of how to best mobilize service design programs and projects for organizations, both large and small.

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