About Marja Annecke

Marja Annecke
Berlin | Germany

I am a strategist in a digital world, focusing on customer and brand experiences, service design and innovation.

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Old skool branding is dead, collaboration is the new Black. #cx #bx #ux #lx

Our ever-changing work environment inspires me also to consult clients on new business solutions, enabling innovation, organizational change and team happiness. Tech-optimist: Humanity has built technologies to make life feel better. Make something a little bit easier. Make us a little more connected. Make us happier. New Leadership Coach, Berlin Geekettes, Women in Tech, Transformation, Simpsons. Funding Coaching Program #femalefutureforce.

Marja Annecke
Executive Director

Marja’s interest in Service Design

Human-Centered Design: Changing mindsets and bias in companies, new leadership, new methods, tech, developing products and services.

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