About Marieke van Beek

Marieke van Beek
Amsterdam | Netherlands

SDGC18 Workshop Facilitator with Shauna Jin

Marieke 's workshop at SDGC18: Blueprinting IOT with the Information Value Loop

Marieke van Beek is a Masters student in the program, Digital Business and Innovations in Amsterdam. Her studies focus on how organizations can manage digital innovation in a world where innovation is faster, more connected, and ever evolving. Her interest is in how to use emerging digital technologies to create value for customers, new business models, and new ventures. Her thesis project investigates the impact of the emergence of IoT on the nature of collaboration in business ecosystems. She is also an intern and graduation student within Deloitte Digital in Amsterdam. She is also a co-founder of a social enterprise dedicated to the empowerment of victims of human trafficking.

Marieke van Beek
Business Analyst at Deloitte Digital

Marieke’s interest in Service Design

Key enablers for successful IoT services are often people rather than technology related, however this connection is often missing in the implementation of “smart services". In this workshop, we introduce a framework which combines the human and technological potentials of IOT. The framework brings together key service design methods: journey mapping and service blueprinting with the IOT Information Value Loop, which describes how information can drive action and create value. Participants will learn about the Information Value Loop and its application to designing IOT enabled services.

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