About Marie Serrano

Marie Serrano
Ottawa | Canada

SDGC18 Workshop Facilitator with Katie Monteith

Marie's workshop at SDGC18: Beyond NPS – why the ‘silver bullet’ CX metric misses the mark

Marie strives to empower the government to tackle complex policy challenges in a collaborative and human way, combining Service Design methodologies and system thinking. At the Ontario Policy Innovation Hub, Marie applies a human-centric approach and a deep understanding of complex systems to build partnerships, shift mindsets, and develop innovative policies across ministries. Prior to joining the Ontario Public Service, she guided multiple large private and nonprofit organizations in successfully developing multi-channel experiences and internal participative frameworks.

Marie Serrano
Policy Advisor at The Ontario Cabinet Office

Marie’s interest in Service Design

They say that “you deliver services the way you evaluate them,” yet most organizations lean on one-size-fits-all metrics, like ‘Net Promoter Score’ as the silver bullet metric to assess impact. To deliver more user-centered services and drive implementation, organizations must find new ways to translate user needs and behaviours into quantifiable and actionable measurements that demonstrate the shared value created. Spoiler: the answer is not NPS 2.0. In this interactive workshop we’ll discuss some of the measurement factors that organizations can use to assess service impact, and provide activities and tools to create their own shared value measurement framework.

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